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Prediction for virulence factors, antibiotic resistance determinants and transfer-related gene clusters in the genomic sequences of bacterial pathogens.     Updated: September-20-2016.    
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(i) Query bacterial genome
Select a completely sequenced bacterial chromosome from the NCBI genome database
        Example: Klebsiella pneumoniae subsp. pneumoniae HS11286 [NC_016845]
How to prepare your complete or approximate complete sequence of a given bacterial genome as reference?
(ii) Subject dataset (MobilomeDB)
Gene cluster    
Parameters (Optional)
  BLASTp E-value
  HMMer E-value for ICE and prophage detection
  Minimum number of the significant hits for each prophage-like region
  Minimum length of the direct repeats of ICE-like region
Single gene
Parameters (Optional)
  BLAST [Ha-value]
Genomic island-like region    
(iii) Result retrieval option
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please do not close the webpage while data uploading
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